Practitioner Enquiry

Colette Brennan

Curriculum Manager - Media Studies                         


Which formative assessment methods really make a difference when trying to raise student achievement? 

  • The project focussed on two groups of One Year Media Students on the level 2 OCR Nationals Media course.
  • The course is 100% coursework assessed. The challenge therefore was to devise assessment strategies that not only enabled them to achieve, but be fully participant in and optimistic about their learning
Key Actions
  • Encouraging students to be greater participants in their learning
  • Using a more creative and individualised approach to assessment
Key findings
  • Students thrive on personalised and frequent verbal feedback.
  • If assessment is going to be effective it needs to be varied - ideally it should include oral, written, and performance activities.
  • Assessment should engage learners – this is traditionally viewed as being the part of the process that students see as the teacher’s responsibility.
  • Even when students are achieving well they are essentially nervous about the whole area of assessment.  

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