Practitioner Enquiry


 Rob Savory

Tutor of Physical Education
"The impact of interactive multimedia resources in lessons and as extended work on teaching and learning in Physical Education."




·         Physical Education involves examination methods which look at students analysing sporting actions or performances.
·         Current teaching methods for these topics are effective but students often find this an area of confusion and difficulty.
·         A number of multimedia resources were devised to cover the anatomy and physiology aspects of AS and the evaluation and appreciation coursework for A2.
Key Actions:
·         The assessment of this research was through the graded outcome of the AS Anatomy and Physiology/Skill Acquisition exam and the A2 Evaluation and Appreciation oral assessment.
·         Student and tutor feedback were used to ascertain the success of the project outcomes.
Key Findings:
·         The graded AS outcome reflects an improvement of 2.88 UMS marks on average between the relevant groups from 2006/2007 to the current target groups from the 2007/2008 cohort.
·         The A2 assessment shows a small decrease in average grade but an improvement in the students’ originality in the task and general linking of theory.
·         The student feedback was positive with the tasks being challenging yet interesting and involving.
·         Areas for development were the quality of some videos and primarily the addition of certain sporting disciplines to cover the range of interest.
·         The research had positive implications for the new specification Physical Education course and gave good grounding for further development.
·         One drawback is the time needed to collect data and produce and develop the resources.
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