Practitioner Enquiry
1) What I wanted to change in my group
During my action research I wanted students to become more aware of how their feelings and emotions could be affecting their learning in the classroom. I looked at their feelings towards the maths part of AS biology (Part 1) and their day to day emotions (part 2).
2)      How I went about this (i.e the methods used)
I used a number of questionnaires and an emotion sheet to look at their feelings before and after the work within the action research.
3)      What the results were for the group
Part 1 – Most students in the class felt that their emotions towards maths did affect their confidence to do maths calculations as part of their AS biology course.
Part 2 – There was a mixed response from students as to whether they felt their day to day emotions affected their learning in the classroom.
4)      What I learned as a practitioner from doing the project.
As a practitioner I furthered my understanding of the significance of emotions in affecting learning.
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