Practitioner Enquiry

Wesley Briscoe, Mathematics Subject Tutor

‘Teaching Maths applications with Geogebra’







·       GeoGebra is a free to use dynamic geometry and algebra system, that can be ran from any computer with an internet connection and the latest version of java.

·       The aim of the project is to investigate how GeoGebra might be used as a teaching tool to raise students’ engagement and understanding in mathematics.

Key Actions

·       Investigate how a teacher might use GeoGebra and an interactive white board in the classroom to teach mathematical ideas from across the A-Level syllabus in a visual and engaging way as opposed to “doing it at the board”.

·       I have designed and ran activities where students are each sat at a computer and are using GeoGebra to conduct investigations; these have both been in and out of class time.

Preliminary findings

·       I have been surprised by the number of ways GeoGebra can be used to teach ideas ranging from the multiplication of complex numbers through to efficiently analysing data and modelling a projectile.   

·       Other colleagues have been interested in some of the activities and uses of GeoGebra, as I have developed proficiency in its use I have had more to share.

·       Students are largely positive about the use of GeoGebra both in the classroom and in using it in a workshop setting to conduct an investigation.

·       Many students have been able to use GeoGebra at home to complete a small task or check some work.  Some students have used it to explore extension tasks at home.

·       Some students have found GeoGebra useful for revision.

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