Practitioner Enquiry

Nicola Franklin

Media Tutor


Improving motivation and participation by using technology in the classroom







  • To explore the ways teachers can motivate students using ICLT in the classroom
  • One group of A level Media Studies students


Key Actions:
  • Creating group glossary of key terms using wireless keyboard and mouse 
  • Creating research ‘Blogs’ online
  • Creating group mind maps and presenting them to the group via the smart board
  • Group essay planning using smart board and wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Revision game (‘monopoly’) using smart board

Key Findings:


  • Students showed increased level of confidence using ICT resources
  • Some were more willing to contribute to class activities
  • Increased sense of responsibility and ownership for group learning
  • That the use of ICLT in class based tasks can be varied and can support content delivery
  • A wider variety of activities which make use of other ICLT resources was welcomed by the students and even those who considered the technical side of the subject matter daunting were willing to use new technology in the activities undertaken.
  • The mode of delivery should be determined by the content - i.e. to discuss the trend in blogging – the students made their own blogs.
  • Technology led lessons need much more preparation and technical support as well as student/staff training to use certain equipment/technologies

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