Practitioner Enquiry
Marilyn Harris
Senior Curriculum Manager – English
 ‘I know how you feel’: Monitoring and addressing students’ feelings to try and improve their learning experience.
·         Research has suggested that emotional intelligence is important to a learner’s success
·         My experience has been that students can hide their anxieties and consequently not feel comfortable in the classroom
Key Actions:
·         Formally give students the opportunity to discuss what will make them comfortable on the course
·         Give regular and varied opportunities for students to anonymously state how they feel
Key Findings:
·         Students responded positively to early consultation about course delivery
·         Students progressively felt happier and more confident as their anxieties were dealt with
·         Students felt it was important for teachers to address their feelings
·         Anonymity was vital as students sometimes revealed unsuspected feelings and anxieties
·         Discovering how students felt lead to better adapted teaching

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