Practitioner Enquiry

Steven Rhodes
Personal tutor
“Can coaching strategies be applied to students so successful behaviours are achieved?”




·         Students who are finding it difficult to settle into good study habits are bound by previously learned behaviours and motivation
·         Normal discussions with students tend to be dominated by the teacher and teacher led solutions are generated
·         Coaching is non-directive and can be used to help an individual solve their own problems through listening, reflecting and asking questions
Key actions
·         Use coaching methods to help students explore reasons behind their behaviours, address their motivation and develop a way forward to sustainable change
·         The main coaching strategy used will be the GROW model where the students real goals are determined, the students reality is explored, the student derived their own options or ways forward, the student takes action
·         Good questioning, active listening, challenge and empathy are core to coaching
Preliminary findings
·         Student motivation for turning up to a coaching session impacts on their overall engagement
·         It is difficult for students to work within the GROW model as they may have limited experiences of what good learning behaviours are
·         A combination of coaching and mentoring seems to get the best results

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