Practitioner Enquiry

Paul Britton
Curriculum Manager for Critical Thinking
“An investigation into the benefits and transferable skills promised by the Critical Thinking and Extended Project qualifications.”
·         Critical Thinking was introduced as an A level subject in 2000 with the expressed aim of developing skills that are required for a wide range of academic subjects.
·         These ‘critical thinking’ skills are often referred to as what is really required by universities and business.
·         Does the Critical Thinking course, as provided by The Sixth Form College, Farnborough deliver any benefits to students in other subjects?
Key Actions
·         Ask teachers from a range of subject areas to make assessments of student’s skills in the key areas mentioned in the A level specification. Compare these results with a control group of students who don’t take the course.
·         Conduct focus groups to provide qualitative data to support the quantitative data gained.
·         Research the philosophical and research basis for the concept of ‘transferable skills’.
Preliminary Findings
·         The concept of ‘transferable skills’ is not universally accepted as valid.
·       Limited correlation between taking the Critical Thinking course and improved critical thinking skills in other subjects.
·       Focus group data is still being collected.

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